i’ve looked to music as a source of comfort, distraction, inspiration, a carrier of my feelings…as cheesy as it sounds, i’ve realised music has really been a big part of me & it is one of the things i’m really grateful for & can’t live without. once i get down to really liking an artist, i will get really down to it. for those who know me personally, you’ll probably know how much i can fangirl over music. back to my point:

i thought it’d be cool to jot down the music i listen to, and as time goes on, i will remove & add tunes. here are some of my (almost all-time) favourites. hope you’d check these artists out & do give me a shout if you like him/her too because i’d love to share my ♡♡♡.

*P.S i am fully aware & acknowledge my lack of consistency in my music style but it is what it is, life is full of surprises !


english bops

korean beats

instrumental breeze

chinese blitz