happens when i don’t feel like expressing my thoughts in neat sentences & i just feel like blurting everything out, which is much easier. most of the poems i write are for myself and for you to figure out. i have recently grown fond of using poetry to express myself when i feel emotionally heavy. these are the ones i’ve written so far:

06/05/17 embraced in my cocoon

25/05/17 i haven’t been in this position in a while

26/05/17 sometimes i wished she continued ruffling that plastic bag

28/05/17 i think it’s a very one-sided thing. it IS a very one-sided thing…for now

29/05/17 just moments ago…when i was dreaming again

1/06/17 i’d actually much rather do that

2/06/17 now i know why she locks the door

4/06/17 ice cream for breakfast

6/06/17 subjective and somewhat amusing

10/06/17 one day at a time

19/07/17 hmm / ugh / uh ?

8/09/17 fookin’-

21/09/17 the time has finally come, yet i still feel unsettled

30/09/17 physics is stressing me out hence this

06/10/17 as a matter of fact quite numb

09/11/17 to be a giant baby

26/01/18 cabin door

17/03/18 about last friday…