8/09/17 fookin’-

currently playing: Treat Me Like Somebody - Tink the smell of roses, my racing mind, and you entwined like a beautiful melody in my heart. i fall further, deeper, faster pulling each thread tighter, making sure you won't let go. silly me! why would i think so? full of closed ears and useless fears i… Continue reading 8/09/17 fookin’-


19/07/17 hmm / ugh / uh ?

currently playing: if u love me by acourve  it starts. it makes it way not really slowly, but surely, into the just-made active then steady mind. dizzy, fuzzy, some sort of twirly the bad kind that tears down the walls and make you one to scream then fall in the tears which give you temporary… Continue reading 19/07/17 hmm / ugh / uh ?