this page is funny.

i somehow always find myself constantly changing the content of this page.

perhaps i am always growing and learning more about myself…

but generally: (UPDATED 16 DEC ’17.)

hello there! i’m sarah –

  • an introvert, who values personal time more than anyone else in the world.
  • strong believer of God and whatever happens, happens for a reason
  • one of my many many (many many many many) pet peeves is when people stand or wait in the middle of a crowded walkway. like just why??? i’ll gladly buy you some spatial awareness.
  • i am heavily reliant on heated toilet seats & hot soy chai lattes to keep me warm overseas.
  • one of my constant struggles include having to pull out the first piece of tissue from its box.
  • soup is my comfort food.
  • definitely not a huge fan of kids but i leave an exception for desmond and maddox from Hiho kids. oh and ernie.

why bother setting up a blog? : i use this blog to share with you my experiences and thoughts, and hope to give a different perspective of issues we face.


  • environmental sustainability  (+spreading the message on how a meat-free diet has a positive effect on the environment!)

right now i am very keen and interested on what we can do for our planet. Mother Earth is beautiful and we must keep her that way. see, the world is always changing and even, slowly dying. we are always bombarded with words like ‘climate change’ , ‘pollution’, ‘warming’, but never seem to have the initiative to do anything about it. however, i want to. i believe it is our duty to keep our earth alive and breathing, for the future generations to come. hence, with this blog, i hope to raise awareness on these issues and possibly provide solutions we can use in our everyday life.

  • documenting my experiences – through this blog and videos/photos

i especially like documenting my travels. it is such a nice way of ending the travel (i feel it’s the bow to a present)! i have made a few travel videos, please check them out here. with regards to photography, i own a simple point-and-shoot camera that i experiment with. i am fond of using film now because there’s always a touch of the unknown and suspense as to how the roll is going to turn out!

  • local arts scene

recently, i’ve been researching a lot on the local arts scene. as an arts student myself, i feel the responsibility to further develop the scene here. some local artists that are pretty cool  include Tell Your Children (visual), Sam Rui, M1LDL1FE and Charlie Lim.


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