build each other up, not tear each other down!

#2 of Toxic Tuesdays! Toxic Tuesday will now be a day when I address an issue which has been bothering me, and my blog & my instagram will serve as platforms for me to voice out my own opinions and hopefully introduce a change for it in the near future, with your support.

(#1 of Toxic Tuesdays here.)


Last Saturday, I saw the above post on IG and I think it bothered me more than it should have had, and has prompted me to write this blog post.

Surely you have seen something like this on the internet. Such posts are common and meant to be sources to ‘connect’ society together because they often contain a message that is supposedly ‘relatable’.

Some content are real funny and relatable I must admit. However, posts like the one above, may be relatable, but it just puts people down in the end. Society has to get rid of the notion and idea that everyone feels insecure about themselves. What if someone was having a really good day – got out of bed, reminded him/herself it’s gonna be a new day, smiled, had a good breakfast – and then saw such a post? Must he/she then let go of all the positivity he/she already had and feel guilty about oneself? Are we always meant to have something we don’t like about ourselves and never feel like it’s alright to be ok with what we have? Why do we feel a need to fit in to such a pessimistic way of thinking?

Social media can do harm or benefit us. We have control over that, absolute control. So let’s use it to our advantage. Let’s use it to empower, to inspire, to connect. I want to create a community that builds each other up, not tear each other down and drown in a hole of pity. Of course we all have our bad days, but don’t spoil each other’s days. See someone not having the best days? Don’t bring them down even further! Go on, give a hand, a warm hug, words of encouragement. We are here for each other. We must let each other know that.


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